Future Home of It’s and Edmonds Kind of Page

This is a future home of It’s and Edmonds Kind of Page.

Right now we are hiding gift cards around town for the birthday of Edmonds in August. Please only take one gift card per person.

Tasks if you wish to complete them:
1. Choose a juggling implement, ball, club, glove full of jello, etc. Most creative wins.
2. Photograph your juggling implement at as many hides as possible. The most accurate and correct of all hide locations wins.
Tag us on Instagram or leave them as a comment to the post on Facebook or email us at connect at-> edmondspage dot com.

You have until midnight on August 13th, 2023 to complete these tasks.

Q. Are you only doing tasks.
A. No there will be regular hides on Saturday and Sunday as they are hidden.
Q. Does this mean that I am supposed to photograph the juggling thing where the hidden gift card is?
A. Yes or photograph where you think the gift card was.

All the information you need is on the task. If you think the task is not complete it is on the taskmaster.

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